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Staff Directory

Graduate Studies

Name   Phone
Office of Graduate Studies - 250 Mrak Hall   (530) 752-0650
General Information   (530) 752-0650
Fax   (530) 752-6222

Deans and Deans' Staff

Name Function Phone
Jeffery C. Gibeling Vice Provost - Graduate Education and Dean - Graduate Studies (530) 752-2050
Lenora Timm Associate Dean for Graduate Students (530) 752-2050
Rich Shintaku Assistant Dean (530) 754-6001
Chris Calvert Associate Dean for Graduate Programs (530) 754-9814
Janet S. Berry Director of Development (530) 754-2001
Lisa Finnegan Graduate Financial Support Specialist (530) 752-8864
Christine O'Keefe Executive Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean for Graduate Students (530) 752-2050
Amandeep Kaur Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor (530) 752-4090

Admissions and Academic Services

Name Function Phone
Admissions Information and Instructions Learn about Graduate Studies at UC Davis.  
Admissions Inquiry and FAQs Get answers to your questions about graduate admissions.  
Brian Gallagher Director of Graduate Admissions and Academic Services (530) 752-9297
Shelly Archer Student Affairs Officer, Shelly's Program Assignments (530) 754-5886
Amelia Brown Student Affairs Officer, Amelia's Program Assignments (530) 752-1473
Jean Telford Student Affairs Officer, Jean's Program Assignments (530) 752-9292
Laura Young
Student Affairs Officer, Laura's Program Assignments (530) 752-2772
Deanna Ljohki Student Affairs Officer (530) 752-9296
Puriie Conley Graduate Program Liaison (530) 752-8761

Analysis and Policy

Name Function Phone
Helen Frasier Director of Analysis and Policy (530) 752-4111
Vivian Mendoza Graduate Policy Analyst (530) 752-0886
Regan Scott-Chin Training Grant Analyst (530) 752-9503
Adrienne Wonhof Special Projects Coordinator (530) 752-8773
Lisa Marquez Graduate Program Assistant (530) 752-1763

Business and Financial Services

Name Function Phone
Rosemary Martin-Ocampo Chief Administrative Officer (530) 752-3836
Christine O'Keefe Executive Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean for Graduate Students (530) 752-2050
Tracey Pereida Academic Personnel Specialist (530) 754-6447
Jessy Paisley Commencement Coordinator (530) 752-9742
Jessica Falor-Ward Development Analyst (530) 752-9742
Marie McDermott Accounting / Recruitment Assistant (530) 752-4928

Communications and Marketing

Name Function Phone
Open Communications and Marketing Manager (530) 752-9300
Marilyn Derby Interim Communications and Marketing Manager (530) 752-9300
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Graduate Student Life, Professional Development and Diversity

Name Function Phone
Siria Martinez McNair Scholars Program Director (530) 754-9777
Rachel Messer McNair Scholars Program Assistant (530) 752-7486
Jacques Bowyer McNair Scholars Program Outreach Coordinator and Adviser (530) 754-6531
Teresa Dillinger Manager, Professional Development Programs (530) 752-7566
Lynne Arcangel UC LEADS Scholars Program Coordinator (530) 752-0604
Josephine Moreno Graduate Diversity Coordinator: Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies and Social Sciences (530) 752-7543
Steven Lee Graduate Diversity Coordinator: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (530) 752-9504

Information Technology

Name Function Phone
Minh Nguyen Information Technology Director (530) 752-0406
Barbara Breeden Systems Analyst N/A
Eli Richmond Lead Programmer (530) 752-7517
David Scott System Administrator (530) 754-9473
GSITService IT Service Request Submissions N/A

Student Financial Support

Name Function Phone
Steven Albrecht Director of Student Financial Support (530) 752-8476
Ruth Lee Internal Grants and Fellowship Adviser (530) 752-7484
Wave Armijo Student Support Analyst (530) 752-8391
Deborah McCook External Grant and Fellowship Adviser (530) 752-0653
Kristin Provost External Fellowship Analyst (530) 752-6577

Last Updated: January 15, 2014