Interdisciplinary Graduate & Professional Student Symposium

Interdisciplinary Graduate & Professional Student Symposium

The UC Davis Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium (IGPS) is an opportunity for graduate and professional students from all disciplines to share their current work with each other, the campus, and the wider community!

When and Where?

The symposium will occur on Thursday, April 2 through Friday April 3, 2015. Program activities, which include a kick-off event reception and final night awards dinner, will take place at the UC Davis Conference Center. More information about the event and program will be available at

How Do I Apply?

Submitting applications via the Smartsite portal: Log in, and then click "Membership" on the left hand panel. Now search for "2015 IGPS Abstract Submission" in the Joinable Sites. In the resource folder you will find further application forms and instructions. There are three different categories for submission:

  • Oral/Poster Presentation
  • The format for submission is an abstract (1250 characters max) and a statement of research significance (1250 characters max).
  • Art Exhibit or Performance
  • The format for submission is an academic description (2000 characters max).
  • Graduate Student Organized Session
  • The format for submission is a session description (2000 characters max).

Abstracts should be written to a general graduate student audience. The presentations, and the abstracts, should not be so technical that an educated person in a different field should be unable to follow them. You will be judged on your ability to convey the importance of your work to a general audience.

Deadline to Apply

Early submission deadline for the 2015 symposium is: January 16, 2015.

Regular submission deadline for the 2015 symposium is: February 20, 2015.

Additional Questions?

Additional questions should be directed to
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