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Biomedical Engineering

Application Deadlines

Click here for the admission and fellowship deadlines for this program.

Degrees Offered

  • M.S. Plan I
  • M.S. Plan II
  • Ph.D. Plan C

Designated Emphases

Admission Requirements

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • GRE scores

Degree Requirements

Students follow the degree requirements reflecting the year s/he was admitted or the most recent version below.

Students gain advanced knowledge of the modeling of biological systems, and the design of devices and procedures useful for human and veterinary medicine. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in the integration of engineering with biological and medical sciences. A strong background in mathematics and engineering is highly recommended.

This program is an interdisciplinary Graduate Group.

For more information, visit the Biomedical Engineering website.


Program Chair
Kent Leach Biomedical Engineering (530) 754-9149
Academic Advisers
David P Fyhrie
(Adviser: General)
Med Orthopedic Surgery 9/1/13 - 8/31/15 (916) 734-5079
Kent Leach
(Adviser: Admissions and Primary Contact)
Biomedical Engineering 9/1/13 - 8/31/15 (530) 754-9149
Anthony G Passerini
(Adviser: General)
Biomedical Engineering 9/1/13 - 8/31/15 (530) 754-6715
Vivek Srinivasan
(Adviser: General)
Biomedical Engineering 9/1/13 - 8/31/15 (530) 752-9277
Graduate Program Staff Coordinator
Christal Wintersmith Biomedical Engineering (530) 752-2611
Student Affairs Officer (SAO) in the Office of Graduate Studies
Amelia Brown Office of Graduate Studies (530) 752-1473