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    Fax: (530) 754-3350
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Application Deadlines

Click here for the admission and fellowship deadlines for this program.

Degrees Offered

  • Joint Ph.D. with San Diego State University
  • M.S. Plan I
  • M.S. Plan II
  • Ph.D. Plan B

Designated Emphases

Admission Requirements

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • GRE scores, bachelor's degree, official transcripts, and completed application.
  • Prerequisite coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, statistics, and ecology.
  • Confirmed Major Professor
  • Must choose an area of emphasis when submitting application: Agricultural Ecology, Conservation Ecology, Ecosystems & Landscape Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Envr. Policy & Human Ecology, Integrative Ecology, Marine Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Physiological Ecology.

Degree Requirements

Students follow the degree requirements reflecting the year s/he was admitted or the most recent version below.


  • QE Exception: No outside member needed

Students gain advanced knowledge in one of the following areas: agricultural ecology; conservation ecology; ecosystems and landscape ecology; ecotoxicology; environmental policy analysis; human ecology; integrative ecology; marine ecology; physiological ecology; or restoration ecology. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in ecological theory and its applications.

This program is an interdisciplinary Graduate Group.

For more information, visit the Ecology website.


Program Chair
Sharon P Lawler Entomology (530) 754-8341
Academic Advisers
Sharon P Lawler
(Adviser: Primary Contact)
Entomology 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 754-8341
Edwin E Lewis
(Adviser: General)
Nematology 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 754-7659
Mark N Lubell
(Adviser: General)
Environmental Science & Policy 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 752-5880
Peter B Moyle
(Adviser: General)
Wildlife & Fisheries Biology 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 752-6355
Eliska Rejmankova
(Adviser: General)
Environmental Science & Policy 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 752-5433
Kate M Scow
(Adviser: General)
Land Air & Water Resources 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 752-4632
Truman Young
(Adviser: Admissions Only)
Department Of Plant Sciences 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 754-9925
Graduate Program Staff Coordinator
Holly Hatfield Rogai Ecology (530) 752-6752
Student Affairs Officer (SAO) in the Office of Graduate Studies
Shelly Archer Graduate Studies (530) 754-5886