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    Fax: (530) 752-1537
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Application Deadlines

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Degrees Offered

  • M.S. Plan I
  • M.S. Plan II
  • Ph.D. Plan B

Designated Emphases

Admission Requirements

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • GRE general test required; subject test recommended.

Degree Requirements

Students gain advanced knowledge of ecology; evolution; behavior; plant-insect interactions; biological control; integrated pest management; chemical ecology; molecular biology; olfaction; demography; apiculture; systematics; arthropod-borne diseases of plants and animals; medical entomology; insect physiology; and insecticide toxicology. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in the integration of basic and applied aspects of entomology.

This is a departmentally-based Graduate Program.

For more information, visit the Entomology website.


Program Chair
Michael Parrella Entomology (530) 752-5373
Academic Advisers
Joanna Chiu
(Adviser: Admissions and General)
Entomology 9/1/13 - 8/31/15 (530) 752-1839
Richard Karban
(Adviser: General)
Entomology 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 752-2800
Jay A Rosenheim
(Adviser: Primary Contact)
Entomology 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (530) 752-4395
Louie Yang
(Adviser: General)
Entomology 9/1/13 - 8/31/15 (530) 752-3261
Graduate Program Staff Coordinator
Jesa David Entomology (530) 754-9506
Student Affairs Officer (SAO) in the Office of Graduate Studies
Laura Young Office of Graduate Studies (530) 752-2772