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Image: Mrs. Golden.William G. Golden, Jr. and Kathleen H. Golden International Agriculture Fellowship Namesake Honored

May 30, 2013

Image: Mrs. Golden and group.

A reception was held on May 8, 2013 in honor of Bill and Kay Golden’s contribution to UC Davis graduate students through their William G. Golden, Jr. and Kathleen H. Golden International Agriculture Fellowship at UC Davis.

Mrs. Golden attended the event along with recent recipients of the Golden Fellowship: Emilie Kirk (master's student in Soils and Biogeochemistry), Maegen Simmonds (Ph.D. student in Soils and Biogeochemistry); and Whitney Brim-DeForest, Karla Cordero-Lara, and Milton Alejandro Garcia (all Ph.D. students in Horticulture and Agronomy). Also in attendance were Vice Provost - Graduate Education and Dean - Graduate Studies Jeffery Gibeling; Mike Tentis, Director of Development in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Janet Berry, Senior Director of Development, Graduate and Undergraduate Student Support; and Rafaela Paulino, Development Analysis of Graduate Studies.

About Their Research

As the group enjoyed refreshments, Dean Gibeling shared Bill Golden’s impact on UC Davis through his research and fellowship. Mrs. Golden listened intently with a bright smile and then she shared a few stories about her experiences with Bill in the rice paddies of the Philippines at the International Rice Research Institute – an institution that is a Mecca for rice researchers and a location where many of the award recipients have been.

The graduate students discussed their research interests and where they have been conducting research during the past year. The students showed deep appreciative of Bill and Kay’s contribution to their education, and were humbled by the opportunity to share their research with her. In turn, Mrs. Golden embraced them like old friends and shared stories about her own experiences in the field with Bill.

Following a casual conversation about rice – the simple grain behind such complex research – Mrs. Golden pulled out a photo album she brought from home to share with the students. Intrigued, they all gathered around her and marveled at the black and white photographs of Bill and Kay during their days spent in the rice paddies of Southeast Asia. Students even recognized some of the places as locations where they also conducted research.

Image: Group looks at photo album.

This small group shares a deep passion to improve the health and lives of many. William Golden's legacy lives on in accomplished and dedicated UC Davis graduate students who will change the world in their own magnificent ways.


Photos clockwise: Vice Provost - Graduate Education and Dean - Graduate Studies Jeffery Gibeling and Kay Golden with graduate students Maegen Simmonds, Emilie Kirk, Alejandro Garcia, and Karla Cordero-Lara. Not pictured: Whitney Brim-DeForest.; Kay Golden; the group review a photo album. Photo credits: Colt Knedler.

-- By Colt Knedler

Last Updated: June 6, 2013