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Mentoring at Critical Transitions: Setting the Course with Hugh Kearns

This year's third MCT event featured guest speaker Hugh Kearns, BAgSc, MEd, MMHS, an internationally recognized public speaker, educator, and researcher.

The luncheon seminar brought in close to 40 faculty and staff members. Throughout the seminar, attendees were asked to form groups for quick brainstorming sessions about effective approaches and strategies for nourishing the mentor-mentee relationship.

The main focus of Kearns' discussion was to examine the foundations and changing dynamics of the graduate student and advisor relationship, and how a "Grow Your Own" approach can be helpful to finding an efficient, compatible mentor or mentee.

The seminar provided paper handouts and brochures from Kearns and his co-author Maria Gardiner. You can browse some of the resources on their website:

Upcoming MCT Events

Thursday, May 8, 2014: Mentoring Up "Helping mentees to pro-actively manage their mentoring relationships" with Dr. Steve Lee, graduate diversity officer for STEM disciplines.

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Last Updated: April 11, 2014