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About Internal Fellowships

Fellowships for Continuing Graduate Students

The application for 2014 – 15 UC Davis Continuing Graduate Student Internal Fellowships was open from September 23 to December 1, 2013, and is now closed. The application for 2015-16 academic year funding will open in September 2014.


The UC Davis Internal Fellowship Application system is for continuing students in an academic degree program.

UC Davis, uses a variety of internal fellowship funds to support academic graduate students. Internal fellowships can provide financial support in the form of a stipend (or "living allowance"), fees, nonresident supplemental tuition, research, travel or any combination of these. The value of the fellowships varies from $1,000 to as much as a $50,000/year award. Internal fellowships are paid in a single academic year (October through July) unless otherwise noted.

Awards are a mark of honor, primarily on the basis of scholarship and promise of outstanding academic and professional contribution. In evaluating applications, consideration is given to the extent and quality of previous undergraduate and graduate work, evidence of ability in research or other creative accomplishment, evidence of intellectual capacity, and promise of productive scholarship. Items to be included in this evaluation are: graduate grade-point average (GPA), academic transcripts, statement of purpose essay, personal history statement essay, three letters of recommendation, and other documentation such as publications and awards. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to be considered for fellowships.

Due to funding restrictions, the following programs are not eligible for the fellowships included in the online application:

Clinical Research
Education Credential
Forensic Science

International Commercial Law
Master of Laws
Maternal and Child Nutrition
D.V.M. or M.P.V.M. through the School of Veterinary Medicine
J.D. through the School of Law
M.D. through the School of Medicine
M.B.A. through the Graduate School of Management
Application Deadline

The application for 2014 - 15 UC Davis Continuing Graduate Student Internal Fellowships was open from September 23 to December 1, 2013, and is now closed.

The application for 2015-16 academic year funding will open in September 2014. See the descriptions of the fellowships.

Internal Fellowship Application Instructions for Continuing Students

All students must submit an online 2014 – 2015 Internal Fellowship Application to be considered for fellowships. Students indicate their interest in being considered for nomination by checking all fellowships for which they are eligible and by explaining how they are eligible for each of the fellowships.

All applications must have a statement of purpose and personal history statement.

All applicants must submit three Letters of Recommendation – Students should have their recommenders submit letters DIRECTLY through the online system. If the recommender requires that the student waive access to this letter, the Waiver of Access form has also been provided. For continuing students, it is your responsibility to ensure that your three recommenders have electronically submitted their letters of recommendation by December 1.

Continuing students do not need to submit transcripts, as a secure electronic version of your current internal, UC Davis, transcript will be viewable by the faculty review committee.

Notification of Decision

Official notification of UC Davis internal fellowship offers are sent directly to students via the e-mail address used in the online application. The first round of notifications will be e-mailed approximately 60 days after your fellowship deadline. Prospective student awardees are not required to accept fellowships offers prior to April 15. Because fellowship offers are made in multiple rounds through October 1, you will not be notified if your application was unsuccessful.

Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation Funds

Each graduate program may offer eligible students fellowship support, including a living allowance, and/or in-state fees, and/or nonresident supplemental tuition. To be considered for this award you must let your program know that you are interested in being considered and obtain the correct application instructions from your program.
U.S. citizens, permanent residents or immigrants who are not legal residents of California are only eligible for a nonresident supplemental tuition fellowship in their first year. They can, and are expected to, establish residency. International students' eligibility for a nonresident supplemental tuition fellowship is not restricted to the first year. See information on establishing California residence for tuition purposes.

Fellowships to Support Campus Diversity

The Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of California, Davis is committed to improving the quality and diversity of the student body, as the campus responds to the changing population and educational needs of California and the nation. The Academic Career Development Program is designed to facilitate the academic career development of students who show potential to become excellent faculty or researchers in institutions of higher education, as well as to foster multi-faceted diversity in graduate education at the University of California. Since diversity is critical to promoting lively intellectual exchange and the variety of ideas and perspectives essential to advanced research, and because graduate students form the pool of future academic leaders, high value is placed on achieving a diverse graduate student body and faculty as part of the endeavor to maintain academic excellence.

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Demonstrated high potential and promise, with an interest in an academic career in teaching and research
  2. United States citizens or permanent residents
  3. Individuals from cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds who would otherwise not adequately be represented in the graduate student and faculty populations as demonstrated by:
    • Experience of situations or conditions which were an impediment to advancing to graduate study, such as the absence of a family member who attended college; matriculation in a school with poor financial or curricular support; having a physical or learning disability; or having worked long hours while attending school; or
    • Academic research interests focusing on cultural, societal or educational problems as they affect educationally disadvantaged segments of society; or
    • Evidence of an intention to use the doctoral degree toward serving educationally underrepresented segments of society.
  4. ACDP participants may not simultaneously receive additional financial support awards in a similar or greater amount.

Awards are for a one-year period unless otherwise noted. Applicants will be considered for all awards for which they are eligible. To apply, complete the Internal Fellowship Application's relevant additional sections.

Last Updated: December 2, 2013