Assistant to the Dean & Chancellor

Assistant to the Dean & Chancellor


As a key leadership position, the Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies and to the Chancellor (GSADC) is the campus graduate student representative serving as a voice for graduate student concerns, needs and perspectives. In addition to his/her work with the chancellor, the dean of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Council and other campus administrators, the GSADC meets with graduate students, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and other graduate student groups and organizations.

This position provides a unique opportunity to serve and represent the campus' graduate student community. In serving as the graduate student liaison to the chancellor and the dean of Graduate Studies, the GSADC has a unique responsibility of enhancing communication between graduate students and administration to improve the graduate student experience at UC Davis. This position also provides the opportunity for professional development during which the GSADC may hone her or his leadership skills while also becoming familiar with university administration, particularly in relation to graduate education.


GSR Appointment and Salary

The GSADC position is a 13-month appointment, starting September 1 and continuing through October 1 of the following year. This position pays a stipend of $25,000, plus full tuition and fee remission during the position's tenure.

A Dissertation Year Fellowship

The year following service as the GSADC, the student receives a dissertation year fellowship. Following the 13-month appointment, the tenure of the fellowship begins October 1 and continues for nine months into June. The dissertation year fellowship includes a $20,000 living allowance, in-state tuition remission, a $500 research allowance, and a $500 travel allowance.

Opportunity to Participate in Professors for the Future

During the first year of the GSADC appointment, the student will have the option of participating in the Professors for the Future (PFTF) program. The PFTF program provides professional development opportunities through monthly meetings that include round table discussions on career-related topics. All fellows also receive formal training in teaching methods and course design and participate in a seminar course on Ethics and Professionalism in the University. In addition, PFTF fellows work on projects of their own design to enhance the graduate or postdoctoral experience and professional development of their colleagues. The projects are then presented at an end-of-year colloquium, open to all interested members of the university.


All registered doctoral students in good standing who are making progress towards the degree are eligible to apply. Applicants must be advanced to candidacy at UC Davis by the start date of September 1. Qualifications include:

  • A desire to serve as an advocate and liaison for graduate students
  • Knowledge of the campus and the needs of graduate students
  • Ability to plan and coordinate events and volunteers
  • Demonstrated communication skills, self-motivation, and the ability to work well with a variety of people
  • Demonstrated commitment to leadership and service
  • Ability to understand and represent a variety of perspectives

Responsibilities and Activities

General Responsibilities

  • Identify and act upon issues of importance to graduate students
  • Assist in graduate student outreach and retention programs
  • Assist graduate students with questions, concerns, issues, and/or grievances
  • Identify ways to improve and assist in communication between graduate students and Graduate Studies
  • Coordinate and facilitate the fall Graduate Student Orientations the Week of Orientation and Welcome (WOW)
  • Collaborate with the GSR at SISS in coordinating the fall International Graduate Student Orientation (IGSO)
  • Organize and facilitate the Chancellor's Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board

Coordinate and Facilitate the Fall Graduate Student Week of Orientation and Welcome

The new GSADC assists the outgoing GSADC in coordinating the fall orientations (WOW and IGSO).  The outgoing GSADC serves as the primary coordinator.

Chair the Chancellor's Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board (CGPSA)

The CGPSA Advisory Board is a selected group of graduate and professional students who advise the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost on major initiatives that impact the student experience on issues such as enrollment and retention, research and creative activity, student services, funding, diversity, international experiences, advising and others. The GSADC is responsible for managing the selection of new members for the board and administering its basic functions, including scheduling and facilitating board meetings twice per quarter and meetings of the board with the chancellor once each quarter.

Answer Graduate Student Inquiries and Provide Referrals

The GSADC receives inquiries from graduate students, both current and prospective, via e-mail, phone and in person. You will provide them with information and referrals as necessary.

Service Project

The GSADC develops and engages in a project that promotes the welfare of graduate students at UC Davis. The project will be defined in consultation with the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Meet with the Dean of Graduate Studies

As GSADC, you will have the opportunity to meet with the Dean of Graduate Studies on a regular basis. You will hold meetings with the dean to discuss issues and concerns of graduate students as well as to update the dean on your progress on related initiatives.

  • The Dean hosts a quarterly dialog with graduate students and the GSADC coordinates these events.

Meet with the Chancellor

You will have quarterly meetings with the Chancellor to discuss graduate student issues and the status of your work respective to these issues and concerns.

Serve as an Ex-Officio Member of the Graduate Student Association Executive Council

As the GSADC, you will be a member of the GSA Executive Council, responsible for maintaining communication between the GSA and Graduate Studies as well as giving input on GSA activities.

Interdisciplinary Graduate and Professional Student Symposium

Participate as one of two co-coordinators for this two-day annual research symposium showcasing graduate student work on campus. The GSADC serves in a capacity to help coordinate all efforts to ensure a successful event.

Engage with the Graduate Ally Coalition (GAC)

The Graduate Ally Coalition (GAC) is a collaborative effort between the GSADC, the Graduate Student Association (GSA), the Women's Resource and Research Center, the Student Recruitment and Retention Center and other campus resources. The GSADC participates as a core member of the Graduate Ally Coalition helping to organize the annual fall graduate student ally training, GAC meetings, and acts as a contact person for the group.

Engage in Committee Work

As GSADC, you will be invited to sit on: the Administrative Committee of the Graduate Council, Campus Council on Community & Diversity (CCCD), and the Campus Community Council. You may also be asked by the GSA to serve as a representative on Graduate Council and it's subcommittees.  You may choose to participate on other campus committees.

Participate as a Member of Graduate Studies

As part of Graduate Studies, you will be included in monthly staff meetings and other office events.

Application Procedure

The Office of Graduate Studies is currently accepting applications for this position.

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