Faculty & Staff

Evolution and Ecology professor Rick Grosberg instructs a student on Bodega Bay

Faculty & Staff


UC Davis is committed to a multicultural academic environment that supports the success of all graduate students. Diversity among students, faculty and staff is a key, integral factor in graduate education. Numerous resources are available to our community as we work towards achieving an equitable, hospitable and inclusive educational environment.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is responsible for all policies and procedures related to graduate education at UC Davis and works closely with Graduate Studies to ensure student success and the overall quality of graduate education.

Mentoring at Critical Transitions

The Mentoring at Critical Transitions (MCT) Program is a brown-bag seminar series offered by Graduate Studies to enhance the preparedness of UC Davis faculty in areas affecting the mentoring, academic socialization, and overall success of our diverse graduate student population during the transitions from applicant to student, coursework to research, and research to professional career.