Postdoctoral Scholars

Wendy Brown, a UC Davis graduate student in biomedical engineering samples in a lab

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral scholars are highly-valued members of the research endeavor at UC Davis.  As the administrative home for postdoctoral scholars, Graduate Studies provides services and resources to support training and professional development opportunities.  We work in partnership with the Postdoctoral Scholars Association (PSA) and other units such as the Internship and Career Center, the University Writing Program, and the Office of Research to develop and provide programs for postdoctoral scholars.    Please explore the many opportunities available to postdocs at UC Davis including:

Appointment & Promotion

UC Davis employs approximately 900 postdoctoral scholars who contribute to the academic community by enhancing the research and education programs of the university. The postdoctoral experience emphasizes scholarship and continued research training. UC's postdoctoral scholars bring expertise and creativity that enrich the research environment for all members of the university community, including graduate and undergraduate students.


Prospective applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply for both UC Davis' (internal) and national (external) postdoctoral positions. Although common in STEM fields, the number of postdoctoral positions are increasing in humanities and social science fields. Some fellowships specifically encourage doctoral students from historically underserved communities to apply. Others, such as the Ford Foundation,welcomes applicants from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) qualified candidates.