Our FutureThe Office of Graduate Studies at UC Davis values a diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences among its students--as this diversity strengthens and enriches our research, scholarship, and teaching. A diverse graduate student population also enhances the academic experiences for all students.

We are committed to a multicultural academic environment that supports the success of all graduate students. Diversity among students, faculty and staff is a key, integral factor in graduate education at UC Davis, to achieve an equitable, hospitable and inclusive educational environment.

Graduate Diversity Officers

Our FutureTo address graduate student diversity the Office of Graduate Studies has hired two Graduate Diversity Officers (GDOs) to join a team of diversity professionals. Dr. Josephine Moreno addresses the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences (HASS) and Education fields, while Dr. Steve Lee works with STEM fields. As part of their work off campus, both Moreno and Lee are charged with increasing the pool of talented, competitive diversity graduate students by recruiting at colleges and universities. Likewise, on the UC Davis Main Campus the GDOs offer professionalizing workshops, provide academic support, and overall contribute to a welcoming and supportive campus culture for a diverse graduate student population. See 2012-2013 UC Davis Graduate Student Demographics


Resources for Prospective Students on Diversity
Preparation programs for grad school, our recruitment activities, and information for prospective students

Resources for Current Graduate Students on Diversity
Funding sources, student groups, research on diversity, etc

Resources for Postdoctoral Scholars on Diversity
Funding sources, groups for postdocs, research on diversity, etc

Resources for Faculty and Staff on Diversity
Funding opportunities, mentoring resources, research on diversity, etc