Fall Quarter Payment Solutions

UC Davis Graduate Studies is pleased to offer several solutions to help graduate students who, in the past, experienced a delay in funding when they begin new positions during the fall quarter. Here are solutions:

Student Financial Support Fellowships

Students who receive student financial support fellowship stipends during fall quarter can now receive disbursements starting October 1, if the funder enters the fellowship information into Banner before mid-September. In this case, the total stipend amount for the quarter stays the same, but is spread out into four payments rather than three. Fellowship stipend disbursement dates can be found here

Graduate Student Researchers

Typically, Graduate Student Researchers are entered into UC Davis’ payroll system for a period of October 1 to December 31, resulting in a first payroll check on November 1.

However, GSRs can be hired and begin working earlier in the summer prior to the beginning of the Fall term. The additional period of appointment will result in an earlier first payroll check on October 1, which will help students with fall expenses. For more information, please contact the account manager or payroll staff member associated with your GSR sponsor.

Teaching Assistants and Associate Instructors

The best way for students with a Teaching Assistant or Associate Instructor appointment to obtain a first payment on or before October 1 is to apply for a Fall Quarter Graduate Student Transition Loan through UC Davis Office of Financial Aid. These are interest-free loans that allow students to borrow up to $1,900 against their remaining fall quarter paychecks. This allows TAs and AIs to spread out their paychecks starting October 1 rather than November 1. If you are interested in accessing this resource, please be sure to apply using a short-term loan application form during the open period of August 28 to September 25.

Background on Fall Pay Delay

When graduate students start at UC Davis in the fall, whether they are a new incoming student or returning from summer break, their first fall stipend or payroll payment has traditionally been November 1. With classes starting in September, this led to students lacking income for 6-8 weeks during a potentially expensive period because of housing and academic expenses. Graduate students had identified this delay in fall payment as one of their top concerns. Graduate Studies has since partnered with several campus units to develop solutions to address this issue.