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Students gain advanced knowledge of the spatial interactions between humans and the biophysical environment, including landscape change; sustainable resource management; human and physical geography; domestication and geographical dispersal of plants and animals; biogeography and climate change; acculturation of indigenous peoples and immigrants; indigenous agrosystems; women in development; and medical-nutritional geography. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in the acquisition, analysis and synthesis of geographic information.

Degree Type
Interdisciplinary Graduate Group
Degrees Offered
M.A. Plan I
M.A. Plan II
Ph.D. Plan B
Lead Dean

College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies

Admissions and Fellowship Information

Admission Deadlines
General: Dec 15, 2022
Internal Fellowship Deadlines
Prospective Student Fellowship: Dec 15, 2022
Continuing Student Fellowship: Jan 15, 2023

Program Contact Information

Primary Program Contacts

Graduate Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator
Carrie Armstrong-Ruport
(530) 752-4119 |

Graduate Program Chair

Graduate Group Chair
Diana Davis
(530) 752-0802 |

Additional Contacts

Program Contacts

Advisor: Admissions Only
Gwen Arnold
Environmental Science & Policy
(530) 752-6718 |

Advisor: General
Mary Cadenasso
Plant Sciences
(530) 754-6151 |

Advisor: General
Mark Cooper
Human Ecology

Advisor: Primary Contact
Diana Davis
(530) 752-0802 |

Advisor: General
Ryan Galt
Human Ecology
(530) 754-8776 |

Advisor: General
Robert Hijmans
Environmental Science & Policy
(530) 752-6555 |