Hydrologic Sciences

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Students gain advanced knowledge of geologic, atmospheric and oceanic sciences; hydrobiology; hydrology; hydrochemistry; engineering; and other applied physical sciences. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in the physical, chemical, and biological processes that affect the circulation of water and beneficial and/or harmful solutes on Earth.

Degree Type
Interdisciplinary Graduate Group
Degrees Offered
M.S. Plan I
M.S. Plan II
Ph.D. Plan B
Ph.D. Plan C
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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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Admission Deadlines
Priority: Jan 15, 2023
General: May 1, 2023
Internal Fellowship Deadlines
Prospective Student Fellowship: Jan 15, 2023
Continuing Student Fellowship: Jan 15, 2023

Program Contact Information

Primary Program Contacts

Graduate Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator
Shila Ruiz
(530) 752-1669 | shruiz@ucdavis.edu

Graduate Program Chair

Graduate Group Chair
Thomas Harter
530 752 2709 | thharter@ucdavis.edu

Additional Contacts

Program Contacts

Advisor: General
Helen Dahlke
Land Air & Water Resources

Advisor: Primary Contact
Thomas Harter
Land Air & Water Resources
(530) 752-2709 | thharter@ucdavis.edu

Advisor: General
Peter Hernes
Land Air & Water Resources
(530) 754-4327 | pjhernes@ucdavis.edu

Advisor: General
Isaya Kisekka
Land Air & Water Resources