Why UC Davis?

Simply put ... infinite opportunities.
Photo by Cheng Saechao

Why UC Davis?

At UC Davis, we are more than just a campus. Our graduate students and faculty are a strong community awash in boundless curiosity, collaborative spirit and rich diversity.

When graduate students were asked what it means to them to be members of the UC Davis graduate community, we heard responses such as, "I am inspired," "This is a dream come true," "I've been given the opportunity to contribute to society," and "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Those are some pretty powerful words for a university to live up to. But we do. Every day.

Students on bikes
Students on bikes

Our reputation and rankings tell our story best. Our graduate programs and UC Davis rank among the top in the nation. We are a research giant, a global leader in sustainability, and we address real-world challenges. When you pick up a newspaper, search online or turn on your TV, you'll often find UC Davis highlighted and our students and faculty experts quoted. We are regularly at the top of the list when industries and the media need advice on complex and urgent situations affecting our world and beyond.

In addition to our generous academic offerings, our community is abundantly alive with on- and off-campus activities. Whether you would like to ski in the Sierras, visit the wine country, or explore the beauty of the California coast, the city of Davis and its neighboring cities have it all.

After learning a little more about graduate education at UC Davis, perhaps a better question to pose to you would be: Why wouldn't you choose UC Davis?

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